Aspose.BarCode.ComplexBarcode Namespace

The Aspose.BarCode.ComplexBarcode containing general classes for the implementation of complex BarCode generation functions.
Public classAddress
Address of creditor or debtor.

You can either set street, house number, postal code and town (type structured address) or address line 1 and 2 (type combined address elements). The type is automatically set once any of these fields is set. Before setting the fields, the address type is undetermined. If fields of both types are set, the address type becomes conflicting. Name and country code must always be set unless all fields are empty.

Public classAlternativeScheme
Alternative payment scheme instructions
Public classCode exampleComplexBarcodeGenerator
ComplexBarcodeGenerator for backend complex barcode (e.g. SwissQR) images generation.
Public classCode exampleComplexCodetextReader
ComplexCodetextReader decodes codetext to specified complex barcode type.
Public classSwissQRBill
SwissQR bill data
Public classSwissQRCodetext
Class for encoding and decoding the text embedded in the SwissQR code.
Public interfaceIComplexCodetext
Interface for complex codetext used with ComplexBarcodeGenerator.