Aspose.BarCode Namespace

The Aspose.BarCode contains tools for the 1D/2D barcodes generation and drawing.
Public classBarCodeException
Represents the exception for creating barcode image.
Public classBuildVersionInfo
Contains the current build version information.
Public classCaption
The text caption shown in the barcode image. There are two captions: CaptionBelow and CaptionAbove
Public classExtCodetextBuilder
Helper class for automatic codetext generation of the Extended Codetext Mode
Public classInvalidCodeException
The Exception will be thrown when invalid characters contained in the code text.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classMarginsF
Specifies the margins of a barcode image.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classCode exampleQrExtCodetextBuilder

Extended codetext generator for 2D QR barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of QREncodeMode

Use Display2DText property of BarCodeBuilder to set visible text to removing managing characters.

Public classResolution
The resolution information of the barcode image
Public interfaceIBarCodeControl
Public enumerationCode exampleAztecSymbolMode
Specifies the Aztec symbol mode.
Public enumerationBarCodeImageFormat
Specifies the file format of the image.
Public enumerationBorderDashStyle
Specifies the style of dashed border lines.
Public enumerationCodabarChecksumMode
Specifies the checksum algorithm for Codabar
Public enumerationCodabarSymbol
Specifies the start or stop symbol of the Codabar barcode specification.
Public enumerationCustomerInformationInterpretingType
Defines the interpreting type (CTable, NTable or Other) of customer information for AustralianPost BarCode.
Public enumerationDataMatrixEccType
Specify the type of the ECC to encode.
Public enumerationDataMatrixEncodeMode
DataMatrix encoder's encoding mode, default to Auto
Public enumerationCode exampleECIEncodings

Extended Channel Interpretation Identifiers. It is used to tell the barcode reader details about the used references for encoding the data in the symbol. Current implementation consists all well known charset encodings. Currently, it is used only for QR 2D barcode.

Public enumerationEnableChecksum

Enable checksum during generation for 1D barcodes.

Default is treated as Yes for symbologies which must contain checksum, as No where checksum only possible.

Checksum never used: Codabar

Checksum is possible: Code39 Standard/Extended, Standard2of5, Interleaved2of5, Matrix2of5, ItalianPost25, DeutschePostIdentcode, DeutschePostLeitcode, VIN

Checksum always used: Rest symbologies

Public enumerationImageQualityMode
Specifies the quality of the created barcode image. Only applicable to Jpeg format, such as save as .jpg files
Public enumerationITF14BorderType
ITF14 border type of barcode
Public enumerationMacroCharacter
Macro Characters 05 and 06 values are used to obtain more compact encoding in special modes. 05 Macro craracter is translated to "[)>\u001E05\u001D" as decoded data header and "\u001E\u0004" as decoded data trailer. 06 Macro craracter is translated to "[)>\u001E06\u001D" as decoded data header and "\u001E\u0004" as decoded data trailer.
Public enumerationPdf417CompactionMode
Pdf417 barcode compaction mode
Public enumerationPdf417ErrorLevel
pdf417 barcode's error correction level, from level 0 to level 9, level 0 means no error correction, level 9 means best error correction
Public enumerationQREncodeMode
Encoding mode for QR barcodes. It is recommended to Use Auto with CodeTextEncoding = Encoding.UTF8 for Latin symbols or digits and Utf8BOM for Unicode symbols.
Public enumerationQREncodeType
QR / MicroQR selector mode. Select ForceQR for standard QR symbols, Auto for MicroQR. ForceMicroQR is used for strongly MicroQR symbol generation if it is possible.
Public enumerationQRErrorLevel
Level of Reed-Solomon error correction. From low to high: LevelL, LevelM, LevelQ, LevelH.
Public enumerationQRVersion
Version of QR Code. From Version1 to Version40 for QR code and from M1 to M4 for MicroQr.
Public enumerationResolutionMode
Specifies the resolution mode used to create barcode image.
Public enumerationRotationDirection
Rotation Direction, must be the following: Clockwise or AntiClockwise