Class ComplexCodetextReader

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.barcode.complexbarcode.ComplexCodetextReader

  • public final class ComplexCodetextReader
    extends java.lang.Object

    ComplexCodetextReader decodes codetext to specified complex barcode type.

      This sample shows how to recognize and decode SwissQR image.
      BarCodeReader cr = new BarCodeReader("SwissQRCodetext.png", DecodeType.QR);;
      SwissQRCodetext result = ComplexCodetextReader.tryDecodeSwissQR(cr.getCodeText());
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      static SwissQRCodetext tryDecodeSwissQR(java.lang.String encodedCodetext)
      Decodes SwissQR codetext.
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      • tryDecodeSwissQR

        public static SwissQRCodetext tryDecodeSwissQR(java.lang.String encodedCodetext)

        Decodes SwissQR codetext.

        encodedCodetext - encoded codetext
        decoded SwissQRCodetext or null.